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1st row Cynthia Aguilera Dooley, Pat Dooley Jr, Ray Aguilera with sons Nathan & Jason Aguilera, Principal Vera Rowsey, Morris Benezra, Carla Gee who helped me set this up and missed the camera
2rd row
Kara O' Bradovic, Ed Ballou, Doris Headington, Alan Graham, Linda Skare, Jan Noeldner, Mark Bish with son Matthew, Rachael Rael, Stephanie Rico, Julie Rico
3rd row
Bill Wahlander, Cornelia Steinberg, Amber Holt, Mercedes
4th row
Joe Breuzeale, Ken Caton
5th row
Paula Bonkofsky
<If you are in this picture and your name is not listed please e-mail me your name>

May 4, 2005

This website has all of De Anzas school year books (graduating classes and teachers) since the beginning of De Anza.  I would like to thank: Principal of De Anza, Vera Rowsey, librarian Carla Gee, Janet Noeldner and the other library staff, the retired art teacher Morris Benezra, and the Richmond School district for allowing the capture of our school history. I want to thank you all, and also my wife Eva, who lost me every day and night to my computer. God bless all who view and enjoy these memories.

Raymond Aguilera
Class of 1961

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De Anza Memorial List

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Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 4:38 PM
Subject: congratulations!

im really excited i have found this site! its great to see pictures of my friends and teachers at my beloved de Anza.
My name is Francis Amaya and i was born in El Salvador.
I studied in De Anza in 2002-2003
but i moved back to El Salvador
im now studying my 3rd year of chemical engineering at University of El Salvador
when i was in the US , it was really different to me , and at DA I received a lot of support from the counselor Mrs Christine White, she was a guardian angel to me, giving me support.
we tried to mail each other by regular mail, but we lost contact
here i need your help
I would do a lot of things to know some of her...
is she still working at DA?
how can I get in touch witn her?
can you give her my e-mail? and tell her im looking for her
i dont even know if she still remember me at this time, but I will never forget her...
my e-mail is my name is Francis Amaya and im from El Salvador
youll be blessed and ill be giving you thanks if you help me.
keep working in DAs web page your worj is excellent
Thank you for your atention,
Francis Amaya
San Salvador, El Salvador, january 18



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